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Marketing Beet

Every Wednesday at 10:30am MST, Social Media Consultant, Beverley Theresa, and Pay Per Click specialist, Ameet (MEEEE!) host an Instagram live where we share tips and tricks for those who want to step their game up with Social Media & Pay Per Click advertising.


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Pay Per Click & Google Ad Mistakes

Are you making these common pay per click advertising mistakes? Or worse, is the digital marketing agency you hired making them?!

On this episode, Ameet walks us through the most common Google Ad mistakes she finds when taking over business accounts. You’d be surprised how simple changes can make a HUGE impact.
5 Steps To Launching Your PPC Campaign

This week we talked about the five essential steps in launching a PPC / Google Ads campaign. Ameet explains the vital steps that can be often forgotten, shares one of her past fails, explains calculating CPA and so much more.

Watch the video before making your next Google Advertising campaign live!
Why You Should Fire Your Marketing Agency!

Wonder what the difference is when working with a digital marketing freelancer and a digital marketing agency?

We give you the full details from their own experience working at agencies. Highlights include communication issues, agency overhead costs, generalists vs specialists, and much more!
Search vs. Display – Which One Is The Best

What’s the difference between search and display ads? Which Google Ads format works for my business?

In this week’s video we talk all things PPC and help you figure out if you should be using search ads or display ads… or none…
Top Ways To Increase Your Facebook Ad Relevance Score

Tips, tricks, strategies and “hacks” on how to increase your relevance score on Facebook advertising! Ameet explains what the relevance score is, why it’s important and much more!
What Are SKAGS? (Single Keyword Ad Groups)

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to Google Ads. Ameet walks us through single keyword ad groups, aka SKAGs, complete with a whiteboard and examples of each type.

Learn all about broad match modifier, phrase match and exact match keywords.
Quick & Easy Google Ads Audit

Learn how to optimize your Google Ads / AdWords to make sure your budget, ad copy and basically everything about your AdWords campaign is in order. Ameet shows us step by step her own way of doing a quick Google Ads Campaign audit.

What Viewers Are Saying

Marketing Beet is great! The two, Ameet & Beverley, of you are real, approachable and it's an entertaining way to spend my Wednesday mornings. Also, the information shared is incredibly valuable and insightful. 10/10 would recommend.
Marketing Beet (Ameet & Beverley) are accessible on and offline with their knowledge. They are honest, funny and I truly look forward to learn new thing each week!
Online Store Owner
I don't know why anyone in marketing or business wouldn't watch Marketing Beet. Beverley & Ameet know their shit and share how to's in a clear and meaningful way. It's free, relevant, expert info. If you don't watch you're probably doing it wrong.
Lee Anne
Marketing Manager

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