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Pay-per-click (PPC) is my jam. I have been doing it for almost 10 years, and I am good at it. This is not ordinary media buying, it needs constant attention and adjustment, and I know how to work that, to get you more leads and sales than you’re getting currently.

Google AdWords, which is part of the Google Ads platform, is the largest PPC market on earth. I also use Bing Ads, which is a much smaller platform, but still significant enough to mention. I have specialized in Google AdWords from day 1, it is, hands-down, the best and most productive advertising platform on the web. It has changed a lot in the last 10 years, it’s constantly changing. Google wants more of your ad dollars, but it also wants to connect with the people who search for things online, and make sure they get what they’re looking for. So, if you aren’t adjusting to the newest and best ways of doing things on the platform, your ROI will just go down. 

By working proactively and keeping up with all the changes, I am able to get my clients increased ROI by driving increases in sales qualified leads, and sales themselves. There is no single trick or method to making this work, it needs a persistent and dedicated approach, from a true AdWords professional, like me.


Increased conversions by 176.92% and decreased CPA by 92.37% within the first 14 days of working with an automotive repair client in Edmonton, Alberta.

What Our Clients Are Saying

All in all, we more than tripled our overall campaign conversions (without additional spend) in the first year of working together, and now we track those conversions across the entire customer journey through a technology stack that is being used across our divisions. It’s incredible having such a strong sense of buyer preferences and behavior, and we will continue to work with Ameet Khabra and her team as she helps us get to bigger successes our digital marketing.
Idris F.
Marketing Manager, Daytona Homes
She's a Google AdWords and Facebook Ads aficionado with a data driven focus that has been tremendously useful to our digital ads strategy.
Additionally, she has a keen awareness of emerging web marketing trends and the ever-changing new media landscape that has served us tremendously. Ameet's willingness to go above and beyond and adapt seamlessly to change makes her a wonderful addition to any team.
Fadeke A.
Marketing Manager, InstaMek

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Keyword Research

At the base of every great pay per click advertising campaign is keyword research. By using various tools, I'm able to determine which keywords will generate searched and thus traffic to your website. Continually expanding the account with new keywords along with new negative keywords is one of the many ways I optimize accounts.

Ad Creation (Copywriting)

Writing creative and effective ads and then testing them is what will increase your click-through rate along with your conversion rate.

PPC Campaign Management

Set it & forget doesn't exist here. I have reports coming into my inbox bright and early every morning that help me ensure that your account is getting the attention when it needs it. By optimizing bids, checking on A/B testing, cleaning up keyword list etc. is what will make the true difference in the performance of your pay per click campaign.

Measure & Optimize

If a tree falls in a forest, does it make a sound? Here's a better question, if your website is converting but you're not tracking it, will you know where to put your advertising dollars? The answer is NO! Before I begin any campaign, I have to ensure we have adequate conversion tracking set up that will funnel into Google Analytics. To be able to optimize your PPC campaign well and thus increase your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), this step is a must.

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Your ppc bestie

“Professionally speaking, I’ve spent the last decade working for companies of all shapes and sizes, from enterprise to agencies, learning the ropes and developing my own approach to marketing and advertising online. My team and I push to get quick wins and results quickly, and build successes on one another. If things don’t work, I shine a light on it and reworks the angles until they do.

Personally, I’m is a highly opinionated, moderately funny animal lover whose obsession over American football (the REAL football) borders on excessive enthusiasm (my friends call it “crazy”). Few arguments are ever lost on the NFL… better conversations are had about my talkative dogs, Luke & Leia, and my undying love for Celine Dion.”



Ameet Khabra

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