Remarketing or re-targeting is a modified form of online display advertising (banner ads). Ads are shown to people who have visited your website or viewed your ad campaign and interacted with it, appearing in places around the web to entice the viewer to return to make a purchase or view your content

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and several other platforms allow for precise tuning of remarketing ads. It helps drive ROI because it reminds people of things they were already interested in. It’s important to set up and manage these campaigns with tight controls to avoid both ad fatigue and “the creep factor”; nobody wants to feel like they’re being followed around the web. 👀

There are a couple of key factors to consider when jumping into remarketing – and they help reduce that creep factor. Controlling the frequency and distribution of ads to limit fatigue, using exclusion lists to avoid excessive ad crossover and duplication of campaigns, and limiting retargeting efforts to cut down on wasted ad spend when a customer is less likely to convert are just a few ways we can help ensure your budget isn’t being wasted!. We can delay showing someone in a remarketing list your ads for days, weeks, or whatever time period is appropriate, for example. We can also choose what to show them, and it doesn’t have to be a bunch of the same things they’ve already seen; larger ad sets help to diminish the feeling of “haven’t I already seen this before?” moments for your potential customers!

“All of that sounds pretty cool, Ameet… but what does it mean?”

Okay, I’ll give you an example: let’s say you have a travel company (look at you go… you jet-setter go-getter!), and someone was looking at vacation rentals in Western Canada. We can show them a specific ad for a BC vacation rental that appears only when they go to another travel-themed website. We can then limit the ad to only show for a few days on these type of sites to avoid spending ad dollars on someone who either isn’t booking right now or isn’t ready to commit to your amazing vacation in the Okanagan. Their loss, of course, but at least you’re not losing money chasing a conversion that isn’t going to happen.

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Increased conversions by an average 14.02%  monthly for a heavy duty equipment client that operates throughout Canada. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

All in all, we more than tripled our overall campaign conversions (without additional spend) in the first year of working together, and now we track those conversions across the entire customer journey through a technology stack that is being used across our divisions. It’s incredible having such a strong sense of buyer preferences and behavior, and we will continue to work with Ameet Khabra and her team as she helps us get to bigger successes our digital marketing.
Idris F.
Marketing Manager, Daytona Homes
She's a Google AdWords and Facebook Ads aficionado with a data driven focus that has been tremendously useful to our digital ads strategy.
Additionally, she has a keen awareness of emerging web marketing trends and the ever-changing new media landscape that has served us tremendously. Ameet's willingness to go above and beyond and adapt seamlessly to change makes her a wonderful addition to any team.
Fadeke A.
Marketing Manager, InstaMek

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“Professionally speaking, I’ve spent the last decade working for companies of all shapes and sizes, from enterprise to agencies, learning the ropes and developing my own approach to marketing and advertising online. My team and I push to get quick wins and results quickly, and build successes on one another. If things don’t work, I shine a light on it and reworks the angles until they do.

Personally, I’m is a highly opinionated, moderately funny animal lover whose obsession over American football (the REAL football) borders on excessive enthusiasm (my friends call it “crazy”). Few arguments are ever lost on the NFL… better conversations are had about my talkative dogs, Luke & Leia, and my undying love for Celine Dion.”



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