The Ultimate PPC Glossary

Is your agency always talking about RLSAs, Bounce Rates, and doing Keyword Research? Are they asking you if you’re happy with your Impression Share and you’re not really sure how to answer that question?

It can be hard to keep up with the seemingly never-ending industry jargon. That’s why I put together the ULTIMATE Pay Per Click Glossary so that you can have a one-stop shop for all of your term definitions and explanations.

Over 160 terms are broken down in ONE document so that you can be confident when talking about how the CTA needs to be more compelling. Download it by filling out the form below!

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Why go to hundreds of different sites when just one will do? My glossary of over 160 PPC-related terms defined is the largest collection of its kind! Never feel out-of-the-loop again and learn what the f*** terms like GCLID mean, and exactly how to define measurements like CTR and CPM. Sign up below to get my ULTIMATE PPC Glossary for FREE!

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A mild-mannered Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising specialist by day, and also a mild-mannered PPC advertising specialist by night… sleep is for the birds, and I don’t have wings. The PPC world includes everything from Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) to Bing Ads to Social Media advertising to Mobile and beyond! It can get to be a bit overwhelming, but not for me.

Chances are that I can make better use of your online dollars than what’s currently being done; I can help you get more and better sales-qualified leads, and I will always and only be focused on your online advertising. Return on investment (ROI) is not just a theory when I work with you.