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Billions of videos get watched online daily, and video advertising is becoming a dominant force. A lot of the traffic on sites like YouTube, comes from mobile users. There are many ways to use video advertising. I focus on the kind of video advertising that drives real leads and ROI.

YouTube has 1.9B logged-in users every month. That’s billion, with a B. There are other platforms built on and including video, and allowing for video advertising. Facebook, Instagram, and many others. There are different ways to deploy video advertising. You can use PPC-based ads, on a video landing page, there can be ads in the video itself (which are clickable), or the video itself can be an ad. I work with all of these different forms of advertising. I don’t make videos, and I don’t make ads, that’s up to you and your creative team, but I make sure that video advertising is driving real leads and sales for your brand.


Increased views for a Youtube awareness campaign by 35.41% for a natural gas company in Alberta.

What Our Clients Are Saying

All in all, we more than tripled our overall campaign conversions (without additional spend) in the first year of working together, and now we track those conversions across the entire customer journey through a technology stack that is being used across our divisions. It’s incredible having such a strong sense of buyer preferences and behavior, and we will continue to work with Ameet Khabra and her team as she helps us get to bigger successes our digital marketing.
Idris F.
Marketing Manager, Daytona Homes
She's a Google AdWords and Facebook Ads aficionado with a data driven focus that has been tremendously useful to our digital ads strategy.
Additionally, she has a keen awareness of emerging web marketing trends and the ever-changing new media landscape that has served us tremendously. Ameet's willingness to go above and beyond and adapt seamlessly to change makes her a wonderful addition to any team.
Fadeke A.
Marketing Manager, InstaMek

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Professionally speaking, I’ve spent the last decade working for companies of all shapes and sizes, from enterprise to agencies, learning the ropes and developing my own approach to marketing and advertising online. My team and I push to get quick wins and results quickly, and build successes on one another. If things don’t work, I shine a light on it and reworks the angles until they do.

Personally, I’m is a highly opinionated, moderately funny animal lover whose obsession over American football (the REAL football) borders on excessive enthusiasm (my friends call it “crazy”). Few arguments are ever lost on the NFL… better conversations are had about my talkative dogs, Luke & Leia, and my undying love for Celine Dion. 

Ameet Khabra

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